What To Do If Your Child’s Tooth Gets Knocked Out

What To Do If Your Child’s Tooth Gets Knocked Out

New Jersey Pediatric Dentist Shares What To Do In A Pediatric Dental Emergency

Unfortunately, sometimes bangs and bruises also include a baby or permanent tooth being knocked out. At Howell Pediatric Dentistry in Howell, NJ, we know how scary it can be for a parent . Whether it’s scootering down the sidewalk, sports, or simply taking a stroll, all kids get hurt; it’s simply the nature of the beast (and we don’t mean your child!).

First, don’t panic, just breathe and check to see if your child has lost consciousness. If not, the next step is to locate the tooth (Has the child swallowed it? Is the tooth in the lip? On the ground?). Once the tooth is located, contact the practice!

If it’s a baby tooth that gets knocked out:

If it was a baby tooth that was knocked out, thank your lucky stars! Baby teeth aren’t reattached because children lose them anyway. Your main concern is to stop the bleeding by using a cold compress. Dip a clean cloth in cold water, wring it out and have the child bite down on it. An ice pack can be used to reduce the swelling.

As a precaution, make an appointment with Dr. Karan to make sure there are no internal injuries. The dentist may implant a space maintainer until the permanent tooth comes in to prevent your child’s adult teeth from crowding or coming in crooked.

If it’s a permanent tooth that gets knocked out:

It gets a little dicey if it’s a permanent tooth we’re talking about. Permanent teeth have deeper roots than baby teeth and will need to be reattached.
Locate the tooth and pick it up by the crown. Put the tooth in either milk, the child’s saliva, or water, and contact the Howell Pediatric Dentistry right away! The tooth will need to be re-implanted into the child’s mouth, so be sure not to transport the tooth to the office dry as that makes it more challenging to reattach.

If a tooth gets chipped:

A chipped tooth is usually not a cause for concern if the chip is superficial. If the chip has resulted in a hairline crack that exposes the dentin, it might mean a buffet for bacteria, so visit your dentist and let them assess how deep the damage is.

Keep calm and carry on:

If your child loses a tooth, don’t lose your head. Call your dentist ASAP and explain the situation, they will let you know what to do next.

If you live in Howell, Toms River, Freehold, Jackson Mills, Allenwood, Montrose, Millhurst, Brick, Tinton Falls, or Hockchockson, you are in luck! You can make a beeline for Howell Pediatrics, NJ. Who says dentists have to be boring? Dr. Karan Estwick has a colorful personality and kids love her! Howell Pediatric Dentistry; making trips to the dentist something to look forward to!

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