Kid-Friendly Comfort Sedation

Kid-Friendly Comfort Sedation

Pediatric dental sedation safety is our first priority when offering this supplemental comfort care solution for your child. Most dental procedures do not require sedation, but in some cases we may recommend it for your child’s comfort. You may also wish to ask us to administer sedation for your child if they typically experience high levels of stress during their visit. 

In either case, you can rest easy knowing that our friendly and highly trained staff includes a board certified anesthesiologist and board certified pediatric dentist. With your child’s health, safety, and comfort always top of mind, we offer two supplemental sedation options.

Nitrous Oxide (aka “Laughing Gas”): During their visit and/or procedure, your child will breathe normally while inhaling a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. This gaseous form of sedation produces a relaxed, tingling sensation and a general feeling of numbness throughout the body. Your child will remain fully conscious and be able to communicate with you and our dental team.

IV Sedation with a Board Certified Anesthesiologist: In cases where your child needs to undergo a long procedure, or multiple procedures, we may recommend IV sedation. It can also be the right option for children who experience high levels of fear at the dentist, those with special needs, or those who are unable to sit still during the procedure. 

If IV sedation is recommended, we will work with you every step of the way to prepare you and your child and answer all your questions. Our pediatric dental staff is trained in how to talk to children about this type of sedation, and we recommend you avoid using words like “needle” or “hurt” when discussing it with your child. Instead, you can put them at ease by sharing that we are comfort and safety experts, and let them know we’ll be happy to answer any of their questions.

Call us today if you want to talk about pediatric dental sedation for your child’s next visit.