Fluoride Treatment for Happy Teeth

At Howell Pediatric Dentist, we use silver diamine fluoride (SDF) to protect your child’s teeth from cavities. This liquid formula is painted onto the teeth in seconds, where it quickly dries and starts protecting your child’s teeth.

Effective and affordable, silver diamine fluoride treatment for kids can stop tooth decay in its tracks. It can even be used as an alternative to fillings in some cases, as determined by Dr. Karan and our expert pediatric dental staff.

Fluoride treatment for kids is a wonderful way to…

  • Stop baby tooth decay on one or multiple teeth
  • Reduce cavity treatment time in certain cases
  • Protect permanent teeth from being negatively impacted by nearby baby tooth decay
  • Lower your child’s risk of developing new cavities
  • Harden the tooth in any places that were softened by decay

We use it specifically as an affordable protective solution for baby teeth as it does produce a silver stain on decayed areas of the tooth (but not on healthy tooth enamel). SDF protects your child’s tooth from further decay, then the baby tooth falls out on its own. For those who prefer to avoid the silver staining effect, we do also offer tooth-colored fillings. We can discuss all available options for your child in detail as needed to treat specific instances of decay.

Questions about silver diamine fluoride treatment for kids? We’d be happy to answer them! Call us today to schedule a consultation.