Digital X-rays: Know As They Grow

Traditional film X-rays only emit very low levels of radiation, and are considered very safe. However, at Howell Pediatric Dentistry we understand that our patients and their families want to limit even minor levels of radiation as much as possible. That’s why we offer digital dental X-rays at your child’s check-ups. 

Digital dental X-rays produce about 80% less radiation than their already-super-safe film counterparts! Plus, there is no wait time for development. The X-ray information is instantly delivered to our pediatric dental team so we can review it right there with you and your child at our practice.

Dental X-rays help us get an inside view of your child’s jaw and tooth growth, revealing things that are otherwise invisible to the eye. We can see areas of decay between teeth and beneath fillings, and we can also spot less common but essential to catch early issues with bone or tissue infections, abscesses, and tumors. X-rays can also show us whether there are problems with the teeth’s roots, or the gum tissues.

We can also see how the teeth are growing in and help to avoid painful impacted tooth problems in the future. Jaw growth can also be monitored, and recommendations for orthodontic intervention can be shared as needed to minimize aesthetic and discomfort issues down the road.

X-rays are always used sparingly, and are recommended on a specific schedule to monitor your child’s oral wellness and development. They may also be recommended occasionally in response to a specific oral health concern.

If you have any questions about our digital dental X-ray procedures, scheduling, or equipment, give us a call and we’d be happy to talk you through everything. Ensure you and your child’s comfort and safety is always our priority.