Doctor Karan, Ms.Kathy and Ms. Chelsea were so caring and professional. They are very patient, friendly, and entertaining. My two young children just adore Dr. Karan. She is able to make them feel relaxed. They trust her. My two-year-old daughter set in the chair on her own for the cleaning for the first time. The staff was cheering for her. I appreciate the honest concerns, the questions, and the answers. The kids get excited for the little gifts and for the chance of winning from the NO-cavity box. On the way home they were saying that they miss Dr. Karan and I should turn back.

— Lena E.

We had our first dental visit this morning. My 3-year-old daughter is not great with doctors or sitting still for any length of time. Dr. Karan and her staff were wonderful. They put me (and my daughter) at ease immediately. I was so impressed with the cleanliness of the office and the way they handled my first-timer! I’m happy to recommend them! I really cannot say enough good things!

— Lauren M.

I’m a pessimist when it comes to medical professionals, but this office had me BOWLED OVER!!!!! Dr Karan and her staff have a natural understanding and way with kids, AND she takes time to explain and direct with both parents and kids. They are a great blend of professional knowledge and emotional/psychological understanding of their patients!

— Jin C.

Hands down best pediatric dentist! Dr. Karan is super friendly and has phenomenal patience w the children. Beautiful office w a great staff. I would highly recommend!

— Jennifer M.